Lunar Calculations by Katherine Venturelli

$1,200.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.

Lunar Calculations is a book which opens up into a three dimensional celestial map. My etched imagery printed on the interiors and exteriors of the pop out pages are lunar phases and mathematical symbols which are archetypal symbols that I have utilized in my on-going work. The book can be displayed by hanging it from the ceiling or on a wall. I selected the Turkish map fold/pop out format for two reasons. One, it enables the lunar and mathematical imagery to be viewed as if it were a celestial map, and two, the pop-out structure element captures and recreates the excitement of infinite possibilities.

Artist Bio

Katherine Venturelli is an artist and teacher recognized for creating unique artist books and fine prints produced from her printmaking studio in Sutter Creek, CA. Her work is shown and collected internationally, and is owned by institutions such as Palace of the Legion of Honor (San Francisco); the Getty Museum Research Institute; Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe; Walker Art Center (Minneapolis); Crocker Art Museum (Sacramento), and the Special Collections of U.S.C, Mills College, Univ. of WA.; and the Reva and David Logan Collection. Inspired by the power of symbol, universal order and meditative intimacy, “The artist’s book has provided me with an all inclusive medium for resolving and integrating my ideas. It has been a distinctive vehicle for communication.”