Lotta Lattes by Karen Koshgarian

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Each page is a view looking down onto a coffee drink that I ordered and consumed during the course of a decade, somewhere in California, Oregon, Washington, and Ireland. Each circular page is printed with the same view on both sides. A clear gel has been carefully painted over the foam on each page, to allow for an additional kinesthetic experience. Every page was cut out by hand using no mechanical circle cutter, in order to pay respect to the hand-crafted latte drink that each image represents. When the lid is removed from the closed tumbler, the first page on top reveals one of many different barista patterns. After all the pages are pulled out, the very last page stays secure within the tumbler. That final image is a photo of the bottom of the cup, from the actual drink that is seen as the first or top page of the book. I drank it slowly enough to watch the pattern maintain its integrity from start to finish. I've only been able to do that once.

Artist Bio

Karen has been attracted to serial imagery all her life. As a child, collecting stamps and sea shells fed into her fascination for variations on a theme. A camera is with her 24/7, so that she never misses an opportunity to add to her serial imagery collections: gas stations, fast food restaurants, fire hydrants, suburban sprinklers, swimming pools, backs of trucks, old motel signs etc. Her fascination with the every day stuff of life, contributes to her a sense of visual continuity over time. And what she enjoys most is showing how, as a series, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Karen is a retired art educator, having taught high school art for 32 years. She came to the book arts to learn a new medium, and has stayed ever since. Her most recent self published book is titled Drive-by Shooting on Old Route 66, A Camera's Point of View.