Local is Global & Global is Local by Bonnie Meltzer -SOLD!

For the last two years, I have been immersed in stopping the proposed coal export terminals in Oregon and Washington. Although my previous artwork had environmental themes, over a year ago I began making mixed-media artworks specifically related to coal. The work, Local is Global & Global is Local is an adaptation of a large work by the same name, techniques and materials. Weaving Portland maps with maps of the other involved regions (Montana and Wyoming, Puget Sound, Asia and the whole world) is a good way of expressing the entanglement of the personal and the worldwide implications of coal. It is a relatively simple accordion book with embroidered train tracks that embellish the collage and connect the pages visually.

Artist Bio

Bonnie Meltzer is a mixed-media sculptor who sees book arts as a sculptural opportunity. She has painted, collaged, and added found objects and crocheted wire to discarded books but hadn't made a book for exhibit before. She frequently uses bits of text in the form of scrabble, keyboard, or other found object letters. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Northwest and is in many public and private collections, most notably The National Science Foundation, The University of Washington School of Business and the City of Portland. Meltzer's sculpture "Global Warming" is on the cover of the recent book "The Fine Art of Crochet". It was exhibited in the Globe Exhibition at 23 Sandy a few years ago.