Little Box of Birds by Julie Shaw Lutts

$100.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
This work is a tiny collection of six books, each featuring one of my favorite kind of birds. I created each book by collaging vintage bird guide images, always a favorite find when I'm hunting the flea markets. Each set of books is housed in a little cube which is 3.3 inches.

Artist Bio

Julie Shaw Lutts, a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, is a collage, assemblage, and book artist who lives and works on the east coast. The artist scavenges flea markets, yard sales and gathers items on her travels to inspire her work. Old photographs, tintypes, handwritten letters, odd medical devices, vintage diaries, found objects, curious personal ephemera, and all kinds of mixed media are used to create her artist books, collages and constructions. Julie has a deep respect for the stories to be found in history, and uses the antique objects she finds as touchstones to imagine fresh narratives throughout her work. Combining these historical mementos with her own photographs and images creates the foundation of her work, into which she then blends influences from contemporary culture. Julie’s artist books, collages and assemblages are all one-of-a-kind works.. She has been called a “visual anthropologist”, as so much of her work explores layers of memory, identity, and personal histories through thoughtful visual narratives.