Lines Written in Early Spring by Kristen Doty

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This poem by William Wordsworth is titled, Lines Written in Early Spring. The artwork bears the same title not only to title the original poem (intentionally left out of the piece), but also fitting for the artwork as my "lines" were written (and drawn) in early spring. Part of the intent of the dark, troubled background with the narcissus emerging still beautiful but somewhat stained, is in response to the very question pondered in the poem, "... what man has made of man", and suggests our effects on nature. Two months after this work was created, it seemed even more apropos as the inky dark leaned a nod to the BP Gulf Oil Spill disaster (Deepwater Horizon).

Artist Bio

Kristen Doty has a passion for calligraphy, drawing and painting. She obtained and continues her art education by taking classes and workshops in the US, Canada and Europe, and by studying art books, magazines, and originals in galleries and museums. Her original works have been in juried exhibitions and her paintings, illustrations and lettering have been published in magazines and books, and as prints, posters, greeting cards, logos and book titles. She enjoys sharing her passion by teaching workshops across the country and abroad. She has taught at several International Calligraphy Conferences, and is a faculty member for Calligraphy NW 2012, held in Portland, OR this June.