letting go by Lynn Skordal -SOLD!

In 2014 I learned how to build a book. In a woodworking workshop, architect/poet/artist Susan Collard taught a room full of fascinated book artists how to use materials usually associated with construction sites (plywood, poplar, birch, wood glue, glass and metal) and tools more at home in a woodshop rather than a book bindery (a drill press, vise clamps, wood and metal saws, sandpaper and something wonderful called a compound miter saw). She helped us translate construction techniques—shadow-box framing, doors and windows— into book-like form. This book began in that workshop and was later re-worked and expanded to become a little book about the power of letting go. Covers are collaged wood, binding is codex-style with kozo paper and recycled Tyvek. Book pages are constructed from mica and various thicknesses of poplar and birch, embellished with paper collage, little doors, and found metal objects. Credit for creation of the basic structure and clever binding style goes to Susan Collard, a great teacher and wonderful book artist.

Artist Bio

Lynn lives and works on an island in the middle of a lake surrounded by a big city, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. After retiring from the practice of law in 2008, she began making artist's books and small works on paper. Old-style cut & paste collage has been and remains a favorite medium, and she frequently also incorporates sewing techniques, thread, fabric, metal, wood, and other materials into her pieces. Lynn's work has appeared in book arts and collage exhibitions across the country. She says: "For me, collage is about juxtaposition -- in materials, methods and content - and there's always a story with a little bit of mystery to it. My collage pieces often mix historical images and popular culture, with a little dash of magical realism. The goal is always to startle, amuse or provoke."