The artist book, LET’S TAKE CARE OF BIODIVERSITY, arose out of the anguish I felt from the devastating Córdoba, Argentina and California, USA forest fires in 2020. 


This artist’s book became a reality through the help of translations by bilingual friends, and then, as the project grew, even more translation help from multilingual friends of friends from around the world. The many translators were of different ages, sexes, races, beliefs, and cultures, and included some professional translators. 


 LET’S TAKE CARE OF BIODIVERSITY is an open edition artist’s book. As an open edition, you can print and spiral bind it, download and save it on your computer, cell phone or tablet. You can also share this book, and please include this message, with whomever you wish.


This artist’s book is a seed and my hope is that caring for biodiversity will germinate and take root in our minds.

Mónica Goldstein


Download this open edition artist book here.

Artist Bio

Mónica Goldstein is an Argentinian artist who, in the late 1980’s began producing artists’ books. Most of them are unique but she has also published small editions. She has worked in a variety of formats, book art objects, scrolls, altered books, among others. Her work has been exhibited throughout Argentina, USA, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Israel and is held in several collections including Moma Franklin Furnace Artist’s Book Collection, New York; Stanford University, Green Library, California; University of Washington Libraries, Washington, USA; Archivio Libri d'Artista, Italy; King St. Stephen Museum, Hungary; Bank Street Arts, Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize, U.K. Spain National Library; Artist’s Book Museum, Argentine.