Let’s Live Here by Jamie Lynn Schilling -SOLD!

Six thickly bound books make up this typical block of Philadelphia row homes, reflecting my interest in the hidden stories of my own neighborhood. In any community there is significance, meaning, and sometimes tension between who lives next to whom, much like books on a shelf. I use the book form as a metaphor, implying that there are stories here. Each carefully embroidered brick begs a closer look, an investigation of those stories. The altered books that comprise the text blocks vary in their content, though the narrative cannot be read from cover to cover. The stories of this community are found in the relationships between the books.

Artist Bio

Little Beast Press is Philadelphia based book artist and printmaker, Jamie Lynn Schilling.  Using various media including letterpress, silk-screening, hand embroidery, and bookbinding, she creates  2D & 3D works that are political on the personal level, that find larger meaning in the smallest of details and  that celebrate the ordinary. Jamie also works throughout the city as a teaching artist, designing workshops and residencies in which participants are encouraged not just as artists, but as story tellers and active members of the community, be it the classroom, neighborhood, or beyond. Jamie’s work as an educator and an artist stem from the same core set of beliefs in the power of story-telling, the value of asking questions, and that true learning occurs through experience. Jamie received her BA in psychology, education and social work from Warren Wilson College in 2005. In addition to working as an independent teaching artist, she’s taught workshops and designed curriculum for several of Philadelphia’s arts organizations including the Philadelphia Center for the Book, Spiral Q Puppet Theater, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, the Mural Arts Big Picture Program, and the Arden Theater. After many years of working as a self-taught artist, Jamie received a MFA degree in Book Arts and  Printmaking from the University of the Arts in 2011.