Language Möbius by Jana Sim - SOLD OUT!

Jana Sim tells us: "The most difficult part of learning another language is everyday conversation where an immediate response is needed. Language Möbius is about my conversation process. The loop in my brain goes like this: hearing English, thinking in Korean, translating, then speaking in English. There are two layers to the Möbius strip – it can be cut in half. With the first cut, the ring becomes twice as long. The next cut makes the two rings link together. With each cut the sentences of the layers are also cut in half, making it illegible. The final two rings lined together symbolize the two languages tangled up in the artist's head while in translation, which is why the sentences can’t be read."

Artist Bio

Jana Sim came to USA in September 2002. After earning her BFA in painting from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Sim relocated to Chicago and entered MFA book and paper program at Columbia College Chicago. Sim’s works can be divided into two themes where one is the Korean doors which represent the memories of childhood and past, the reminiscence. The other theme is about the difficulties she faces living as an International Student and the cultural differences between Korea and the United States. Sim started exhibitions from 2006 and her book art works are at numerous exhibitions in the US.