Korean Travel Log by Christiane Grauert -SOLD -BEST OF SHOW AWARD!

Korean Travel Log - A Pop-Up Sketchbook is an accordion adaptation of a travel sketchbook from a trip to South Korea. By "wandering" along the accordion the viewer is invited to chronologically follow my trip and experience in a timely condensed way my 3-week first encounter with this country. Through the addition of different pop-up paper mechanisms I have created a level of dimensionality into "flat" travel memories. Adding depth through paper-engineering stems from a desire to capture a sense of the physical space, and on a smaller scale allowing the viewer to re-enter the Korean environment. The accordion mimics in size, color and page count the original Moleskine sketchbook. However, the color of the original sketches was removed and instead collage elements of hanji (traditional Korean mulberry paper), washi tape, string and stamping ink brought in to reflect cultural specific textures and colors.

Artist Bio

Christiane Grauert is an American-born illustrator who grew up in Germany. She graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany and received her MFA in Visual Studies from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She teaches as a Professor in Illustration at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Grauert's mixed-media images have appeared nationally and internationally in numerous publications, on book covers and posters, as well as in textbooks and children's books in Germany and South Korea and has been featured in national and international illustration and design competitions. In her recent work she explores the dimensionalilty of paper and the translation of her imagery into paper pop-up constructions.