KAMO by Kyoko Matsunaga -SOLD OUT!

I've been interested in rivers as the source of all development. This book features Kamo-gawa, an iconic river in Kyoto where I currently live. The city has twelve hundred years of history and has been known for its refined culture since ancient times. There are some stepping stones across the river, and they are liked by men and women of all ages. While I was taking photos of local people leaping from one stones to another, I found some potsherds on the river bank. The striking fragments of man-made objects seemed to be a symbolic representation of the history and the memories of the city. When this book spreads into a circle, the people look as if they go round and round and spin a connecting thread to the future. Winner: The Hedi Kyle Award. Congratulations, Kyoko! 

Artist Bio

Kyoko Matsunaga was born in Hyogo, Japan, in 1981. A book artist currently living and work in Kyoto. Her BFA in Printmaking was received from Kyoto Seika university. After graduation, she moved to Tokyo and worked as a graphic designer for several years. Then she studied with a bookbinder, Yo Yamazaki, to shape her book art more unerringly. She also had lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for three years between 2010 and 2013. There, she absorbed the culture of America and the contemporary style of book art. Kyoko's work can be found in several private and public library collections, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions in Japan and abroad.