Journey to Ritzville by Carole Sauter

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This wrap around box contains elements and is a salute to my family. The Turkish map fold book is a collage about my ancestors who traveled from Hesse Germany to the lower Volga River in Russia sometime between 1776 and 1903 They were unique people in that they kept their own colonies and culture separate from the Russian people. Their story is on the cover of this little book. The book of cards tells about my own discoveries. It includes pictures from Ritzville and my family. It's written in three voices, in three different fonts or sizes. It begins with the concept of the contented family and moves through the divorce of my parents, the death of my husband in Vietnam, college in my thirties, and the death of my second husband. Originally part of a Femail Press edition. The picture is of my grandmother and her siblings Aug. 20, 1902 in Ritzville, WA. The sandwich board tells about Katherine the Great's all call for settlers.

Artist Bio

Carole Sauternes been active in the calligraphic and book world since 1976, producing calligraphic art and one of a kind or limited edition books for the past 24 years. My books are about family, nature and the Northwest. Many subjects inspire me. Through the years I've taken workshops in surface design, printmaking, adhering gold and mixed media as well as poetry writing. There are two collections of my work at the University of Washington.