John by Vicki Gerton

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I was inspired to create this book after receiving a gift from my husband of a lathe turned wood bowl, only 4.5 inches in diameter, made by Robert Rosand of Pennsylvania on which he had hand lettered the Book of John 1-4 from the Bible. My husband, a wood artist, collects interesting wood scraps waiting to be turned into other art. In one box I found airbrushed wood that resembled a dove, discarded laser cuttings from friends who used to sell religious sayings as plaques for the wall, and broken bits of bowls. In a used book store I found an old Gideon Bible where they had many language translations of one of most quoted Bible verse, John 3:16, and an anthology of Bible stories with maps of ancient Palestine. Being a silk painter, I painted dove like images on silk chiffon which I could lay over the quotes from the Gideon Bible. I think the person viewing my book can experience the essence from John 1-4 in a way that goes beyond the words and beyond any religious belief.

Artist Bio

Vicki Gerton is a many talented artist living in Richland, Wash. She started her adult career as a scientist and microbiologist/medical technologist who morphed into an artist via the fiber arts. It was a short step from the chemistry used in her lab work to the chemistry needed for her fiber and fabric dyeing. The visual training she received as a microbiologist made it easy to see the beauty and details all around her. As she worked with all the fibers, she noticed the similarities between the protein fiber entanglements in felted wool to the cellulose fiber entanglements of paper. Thus she connected to her love of thing made of paper. The written word has always been important to Gerton and she realized that through book arts she could bring her three loves together: fiber, paper and words. About 11 years ago Gerton's focus on book arts intensified when a group of like minded people got together to form a book arts group in the Tri-cities, WA area. Gerton has participated in the shows this book arts group has presented in respected galleries in their region and has won awards for her books in juried shows at the Larson Gallery in Yakima.