Jenny by Jared Joseph -SOLD!

I have made a scroll called Jenny. It is composed of vellum, while the dowel is actually the dowel of a typewriter that i wrenched loose from the typewriter with a knife, a wrench, and approximately 25 minutes. I broke into it. The scroll is wrapped in sandpaper as protective covering. It protects the vellum pages of the scroll from contaminant materials, and "protects." It wards off intruders because this originates from a broken typewriter, a thing broken into, well, hence the content, half of Genesis, the entry book of the Old Testament. I deleted all the content except for proper names of people and places, and the punctuation. I did delete the term "God" because it is not a name, it is a placeholder for a name, the relationship between "God" the word and "God" the name as I see it mirrors the relationship between a moon and the sun behind during an eclipse. I wrote this book for Noah's wife, who is unnamed, despite having birthed the world. I've decided to call her Jenny.

Artist Bio

Jared Joseph writes and builds books. He recently earned his MFA in Creative Writing from the Iowa Writers' Workshop - where he took several courses at the Center for the Book - and is currently a candidate for the PhD in Literature at the University of California - Santa Cruz. Jared Joseph lives writes and sews in Santa Cruz.