Jabberwocky by Norman McKnight

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This is a rendering of Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky with original pen and ink drawings by the printer. There is one drawing for each stanza and the seventh and final stanza, being a repeat of the first stanza, stands alone. The printing types are 60 point Goudy Text with an antique trait de plume device in green; the cover wrapper contains a repeat of the drawing for the first stanza tipped onto the wrapper. The text of the poem is set using 20 point Frühling from the Stempel Foundry in Frankfurt-am-Main. This type was designed by Rudolf Koch in 1917.

Artist Bio

The proprietor of Philoxenia Press learned letterpress in Junior High School in 1949, and he has retained that interest by acquiring the former proofing press of Mackenzie & Harris as well as a post folio Albion hand press. His interest in type has led to the holding of a major collection of fine printing types. Most of the work has been broadsides and ephemera, but recently the Press has moved into producing a series of books, all hand-set from metal type and illustrated by the printer. Philoxenia is the Greek term for hospitality.