Island of Feathers by Mia Leijonstedt

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'Island of Feathers' is a tender exploration of the dream realms, a delicate composition carefully woven with layers of meaning. Like dreams, its pages meander freely, defying conventional paths. The ethereal words, sketched in faint pencil lines, mirror the fleeting nature of nocturnal visions that fade with the morning light. Spanning 24 pages, the poem mirrors the passage of a day, acknowledging how a potent dream can linger throughout waking hours. The circular pages are bound by organic linen thread and adorned with tiny Quartz crystals, forming a cherished tome nestled within a trio of soft drawstring pouches, discreetly guarding its secrets. The title, 'Island of Feathers,' alludes to a Finnish saying—when sleep beckons, one embarks on a journey to the feather islands, a poetic nod to laying one's head upon the pillow.

The poem on the pages of this concertina book reads thus:

Island of Feathers

Tread silently
through twilight’s tapestry
while shadows shiver
in secrets softly shared

Delve deep into darkness
towards the unknown
in search of marvels
of moonlit mysteries

Threads of tales
appearing, dissolving
glowing, floating
seeking for meaning

Tide of night
nocturnal nexus
fearless cascade
of wandering trails

Echoes mingling
in tranquil solace
guiding the voyage
of stories untold

Labyrinths of old
their luminous lanterns
weaving the way back again

Artist Bio

Mia Leijonstedt trained as a bookbinder in London in the 90s, although over the past decade her main focus has been in creating one-of-a-kind natural crystal amulets under the brand 'Spirit Carrier'. Her affinity with traditional craft skills and detailed workmanship is prevalent in her mixed media book art installations, as is her fascination with organic materials, tribal tales and Nordic mythology. In her work, Mia explores those human experiences that are often too complex to articulate in words. The tactile language of textures and materials holds endless possibilities and can harness nuances that words do not reach. Mia's aim is to elicit experiential connections in the viewer's mind that offer such visceral sensations that something within the viewer's own kinaesthetic state shifts. Originally from Finland, Mia lives at the edge of the Peak District in England, and her free time is filled with always learning something new.