Invitation by Sandy Tilcock

A collaborative project of Sandy and Patrick Tilcock. The imagery was derived from photos taken by Patrick on his daily bicycle commute, and printed with an Epson 4880 inkjet printer. We have lived within a mile of the Willamette River for over forty years. Constant but ever-changing, it is a daily presence in our lives. Although we are urban dwellers, we cherish this channel of wildness in our community.

Artist Bio

Sandy Tilcock has been involved with traditional book arts for over 30 years. In 1987 she completed a MFA in Book Arts at the University of Alabama, where she had the privilege of studying letterpress printing with the Institute's director, Richard-Gabriel Rummonds. Sandy founded lone goose press in 1989. Since that time, the press has promoted book arts and focused on works fostering conversation about community, social justice and environmental ethics. In 1999 Sandy established Knight Library Press at the University of Oregon and served as its Director until its closure in 2006. A book tracing Sandy's book arts career, The Art of Being Unseen, was published in 2014. "I am grounded and centered by the physical process of making books, the direct interaction with paper, metal type, and ink, and the rhythms of binding by hand."