Interest & exchange in the dirt by Guylaine Couture - SOLD


Interest & exchange in the dirt presents the mycorrhizal network, invisible to us but without which the forest would not exist.

Professor Suzanne Simard has been researching this secret society since 1997. At short distance underground, there is an interesting and complex exchange between roots and fungi, one gives carbon while the other sends water, etc. Here is a very well organized arrangement that has existed for thousands of years without human intervention.

When opening this book (1857), the cut pages suggesting plants invite the reader to discover this universe. Some information is judiciously placed.  In the center, various representations of the depths are spread out in all directions.

Organic materials were used as a mask during the printing of the engravings. The roots can be guessed and the paper threads extend without knowing the beginning or the end of this world.

Artist Bio

Guylaine Couture designs artists' books "to create works where the content and the container merge in order to make the message more impactful". Her books are based on themes that touch her: feminism, ecology, grief, migration, etc., which she treats in evocative layouts and inspiring fictions where each word is weighed. It is the fruit of a long work of reflection, construction and deconstruction carried out with recycled materials, illustrated with photos, drawings and prints. She regularly participates in exhibitions in various countries, and her books have been acquired by national and university libraries in Europe, the United States and Canada.