Interchangeable Dream Boats? by Virginia Farnsworth

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Online dating is the new ‘drop your handkerchief’ of our senior generation. Having finished a successful career and traveling the world, at 68 I turned to online dating with the goal of meeting eligible bachelors to possibly date and, with whom potentially, to make a life together. Some of these men are absolute dream boats – attentive, articulate and handsome. At this stage, I want to be comfortable and stay home with some dedicated male companionship. Online dating is not easy. At times, however, it also can be fun.

Interchangeable Dream Boats? looks at talking with men on an online dating site. The book begins with a quote testifying to the reality that meeting someone on, or off, line is a matter of chance. It’s the timing in life. The remote nature of online dating considers the randomness of meeting interesting, mature, and geographically available men. The portraits of the men are composites, showing that one man may represent so many others. Included are selections of actual dialogue with four men. The exchanges range from teasing banter to developing a friendship.

The book challenges the perception of online dating as a young person’s endeavor. Seniors are looking for companionship after marriages, death or choosing a single lifestyle. Viewers may be relieved to be in their current relationships, confirmed in their decisions to remain alone, or recognize that online dating may lead to a satisfying life with a special partner. Women are still dropping their handkerchiefs in an attempt to attract a man’s attention. Interchangeable Dream Boats? offers a glimpse into that unique world of senior online dating.

Artist Bio

Virginia Farnsworth is an award-winning book artist and photographer. For 25 years Virginia traveled abroad experiencing new countries and making photographs of a world so very different from her own. Now she is making art in various forms and structures, mainly artists' books, using her photographs. Virginia finds great joy in reinventing her images and bringing new work to life.