Inside Out-Outside In [IO-OI] by Sumi Perera

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This work explores the cusp of the inside & outside, which was of greatest importance during the phase/face of the global pandemic. The cover lets you judge the book via circular apertures.  The title etched in embossed fonts [Inside Out] protrude outwards from within the front cover, and the debossed fonts [Outside In] intrude from outside to within the cover. It appears as a non-textual, purely visual exploration, till one discovers that French-folds open up, to reveal enclosed hidden/unseen texts.  Designed for The Power of Ten exhibition for the international Textile Festival ‘15. A trilogy of books explored the trajectories taken by the body inside & outside the built environment. [Won the Incline Press Award-Society of Bookbinders International Conference & Competition ‘17; The Manly Library Award & acquisition, NSW Australia]

The subtitle is a play on the word RED/READ, signifying the danger of fake news, conspiracy theories, a matter of life & death during the pandemic.

Artist Bio

Sumi Perera is a interdisciplinary artist, academic & curator who makes interactive print installations, often using electroconductive-ink to generate sound & thermochromic-inks, to mutate in colour, exploiting her background as a doctor & scientist born in Sri Lanka & living & working in UK. She obtained a MA at Camberwell College, London 2004 and has taught at Middlesex University & the Royal Academy, London. She has held many international residencies: teaching residency at CAFA, Beijing China in 2007; recipient of the first Guest Artist Fellowship & solo show at Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice 2017, Stone Lithography at Pierre Presse, France 2017; The National Open Art Residency in London 2016. She exhibits internationally & has won awards/prizes: Prix de Print, Art in Print USA 2015, Gold Medal-Seoul 1st International Artistbook Competition 2005; 1st Prize-SHELTER, USA; Flourish Award 2015-excellence in printmaking & solo show. Public & private collections of her work: Tate (10works); Victoria & Albert museum (12works); Yale Centre of British Art (2); Ashmolean (2); China, Japan, Italy & Australia etc. She had a 12year retrospective of collaborative projects: “Sumi Perera et al.” at CFPR, UWE Bristol 2017; & at IMPACT10 & IMPACT11 [International Printmaking Conference-Spain’18 & Hong Kong ‘21].