Infinite Possibilities Printed Exhibition Catalog

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NOVEMBER 30 ­– DECEMBER 29, 2012

23 Sandy Gallery

23 Sandy Gallery is pleased to present Infinite Possibilities, a juried exhibition of book art inspired by the world of math and science, real or imagined. By those in the know, meaning those left-brained, analytical types, math and science are often described in artistic terms: the eloquence of an equation, the beauty of a concept. Infinite Possibilities looks at the opposite: how math and science can be used artistically to inspire book artists to think creatively about such topics. We searched for book art works that incorporate mechanical and theoretical concepts, from serious to humorous exploring subjects ranging from math and science to medicine, space, architecture, psychology, physics and more. This exhibition was juried by Laura Russell, the owner of 23 Sandy Gallery and by our guest co-juror Dina Scheel, a Bay-area book artist and collector

The full color print catalog for this exhibition is 52 pages plus cover.