Infatuation by Louise Levergneux

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This emotional illusion began in 1968, with quiet and gentle innocence. A teenage crush caused a heart to beat a little faster while being struck by the winds of love. Infatuation considers the nature of « coming-of-age » through a recurring dream based on a cherished encounter of this « amour fou » and allows the dreamer to participate in an unattainable world.

In a state between wakefulness and sleep, I found myself reflecting on the past. I delved into memories, as more events and souvenirs of innocent times permeated my dreams and my being. In this dreamland I reconnected with how lovely it was to be fourteen and discovering the other sex.

In the fog of desire, my infatuation manifested itself through — the allure of one’s movement, the strut, the look, the tenderness, the twinkle of the eye, the infectious smile… All the while, the tingling phenomenon of « puppy love/celebrity crush » in my elusive dream came to life.

To interpret this cognitive experience, I drew upon family photos representing youth and innocence. Television shows of the late 1960s portraying this « amour fou » as poetry set in motion, breathtakingly beautiful and charismatic transported me back to my youthful freedom as experienced in my idealized romantic Shangri-la.

The narrative is written with ballads of popular love songs of the era, explored while contemplating the incredible unexpected fantasy of a teenager.

The accordion fold, the drum leaf binding, and a photomontage helped to imitate an young girl’s journal. These elements became the logical framework for Infatuation as I remembered my own journal and the teen magazine cut-outs pasted next to love notes. A hole cut in the main pages of the drum leaf exposes a small accordion which represents the teenager musing exclusively of « him ». Photoshop composites allowed me to produce impossible scenes — the utopia intrinsic of a memorable teenager’s paradise, playing a direct role in a 1960s western TV show.

This wishful thinking came after craving personal contact with friends and family as life continued in the radically altered world of 2021. I wanted to feel the normality, the joy, the freedom of my daily life again. What a more pleasing way to alter one’s reality then to jump into the land of enchantment of youth and innocence!

Artist Bio

Louise is an artist living in Arizona, creating and publishing artist’s books. A photographer at heart her work translates digital imagery into narratives that integrate personal events and connects people and topics in unexpected ways. Levergneux is fascinated by the concept of memory and identity, and concerned with the loss of childhood innocence.

Autobiographical references are characteristic of her work, which centers on the act of collecting and storing memories, self-identity and her environment. Louise accumulates images and pursues the process of investigation as she manipulates, re-organizes, records and develops her artists’ books.