in the space between by Linda Welch -SOLD OUT!

As with most of my books, I just begin. I am working with shape, gesture, line and color. During this process, I listen and observe to see where the book is taking me. I begin working with the space between the shapes; between the colors, lines and text. It is a pause, a quiet in the space between. This became the nature of the book. As in life, there is space between thoughts, emotions and events. It is about listening to this space. This is what holds my attention.

Artist Bio

Linda Welch is a book artist, painter and sculptor. Her work appears in many private and public collections including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and UCLA Fine Art Library. Welch was born and raised in Iowa. After high school graduation she relocated to Southern California to study art. There she earned a BFA in Ceramics from Long Beach State. Welch later went on to graduate from UC Davis with an MFA in Textile Design. After much time living on the West Coast, including Portland, Oregon, she currently resides back in Iowa.