In My Mind by Bonnie Meltzer

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I usually use maps and globes to comment on climate change and the perils of fossil fuels. This theme is more positive, the joy of absorbing places near and far into one’s life. Our mind might seem like a jumble weaving together unrelated places and macro and micro views (like the ones I have woven) but it is how we make sense of the abstract—by making unusual connections. The patterns created by the weaving surprise me even though I plan. Staying with the fiber theme, I embroidered the letters and outlines. The words are very basic and can be read in multiple directions. Is “fly” separate from “away” or is it “fly away”? “Away”, “from”, and “home” can each be read alone on its page or make phrases across pages. The chair, the only representational object in the book, is a stand in for us. Is it the start of the story or the end? That comfy chair is so very infused with all those far away places we have already experienced and the ones yet to come.

Artist Bio

Bonnie Meltzer, a new book artist, is a mixed-media sculptor who uses found objects, crocheted wire and painted surfaces, She sees book arts as a sculptural opportunity. Recently she has reached into to her textile roots to weave maps into books and wall works. The idea of our interconnectedness is visualized with street maps woven into states, countries and continents. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Northwest including 23 Sandy Gallery, Maryhill Museum, and Hallie Ford Museum. Baylor University Mandy Rosenberg Artist Book Collection, University of Washington Book Arts Collection,The National Science Foundation, Oregon Episcopal School, The University of Washington School of Business and the City of Portland include Meltzer's work in their collections. Meltzer's sculpture "Global Warming" is on the cover of the book "The Fine Art of Crochet". It was exhibited in the Globe Exhibition at 23 Sandy a few years ago.