In Context by Barbara Strigel

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In Context is a series of images that emerged out of exploratory walks in my adopted city of Vancouver, British Columbia. They are street photographs but not meant to be documentary, although they are found images as opposed to constructed ones. To work as a street photographer, one must be willing to walk for long hours. It is walking with a purpose but at the same time, it's open-ended. It's permission to walk without a destination, to explore, and discover, to wander, in the true sense of the word. Walking and photographing has always been a way for me to locate myself. The images on these pages are an ongoing investigation of figure/ground relationships: between the subject and the space, between myself and the city of Vancouver. This set of 3 books/18 images was shot between November 2015 and March 2016. Each book contains an original poem.

Artist Bio

Barbara Strigel is a photographer and book artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Educated at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, she taught high school photography for over 20 years. She currently travels and works on photography based projects that explore the way we experience place.