Illustrated History No. 15 by Mariona Barkus

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This is the fifteenth in a continuing series I began in 1981. I chose the postcard format because it is intended as an activist's tool. Illustrated History No. 15 mimics a newspaper, combining fabricated illustrations with factual texts. I'm chronicling contemporary social and political issues with implications for our future, as well as pondering whether the surreal has become the new normal. The topics include: Privatization of Prisons-for-Profit; Domestic Commercial Drones Invade U.S. Airspace; Deleterious Effects of Excessive Digital Screen Time; Bulletproofing Children and Schools As the Only Viable Alternative to the NRA Gun-Control Stranglehold; Environmental Consequences of a Projected Oil Boom in U.S.A.; Keeping in Touch Via Posthumous Social Media; War on Women's Basic Rights; and ALEC Writes Legislation for Corporations' Benefit at Expense of Individual Rights.

Artist Bio

Mariona Barkus has been creating and exhibiting her humor-laced socio-political art for over thirty years. Her artwork and artist's books are in many collections including Yale University, UCLA, University of Toledo, Indiana-Purdue University, Getty Research Institute, Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. She has received grants from the City of Los Angeles, Women's Studio Workshop, and the New York State Council on the Art.