I'd Take Away the Guns by Lorinda Moholt

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This book was made in sadness and anger as a protest against gun violence. It was done with everyday materials to symbolize the ordinariness of that horror, newspaper clippings to show the grim result of killing children, and a Cheryl Wheeler poem that speculates on who might do these terrible things. It is kept in a sack made of the cloth container for No.8 hard lead shot. I realize that gun legislation is a complicated and frustrating issue but continue to believe that strong words and sensible people will eventually win over assault rifles with 30-cartridge magazines. After this book was finished, I shot it from the back at close range with a 22-caliber rifle. (I hated doing it.)

Artist Bio

Lorinda Moholt decided she could be an artist at a very young age. Many college classes in art and art history, innumerable workshops and conferences, and more than 40 years of practice have not changed her mind. Calligraphy is her primary love, but she works in watercolor, pen and ink, carved stamps and collage; using both simple and complicated book structures. Moholt has exhibited all over the west, and has been published in national texts and art journals.