I See the Moon by Jessica Spring

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The song I See the Moon has many variations, but this one credited to Meredith Willson, is what I heard while falling asleep at my grandparent's house on the record player. The moon (or record) shape is surrounded by hundreds of vintage ornaments. Composed tightly, and not in a linear fashion, they conjure the night sky and a dreamscape where moonlit magic is possible.

Artist Bio

Proprietor Jessica Spring started setting cold type on a Compugraphic Editwriter 7300 phototypesetting machine (a huge console with a big green screen) in 1982 as an undergraduate English major, beginning a lifelong interest in typography. She learned to set real metal type in 1989 and has been a letterpress printer ever since. Her work at Springtide Press-artist books, broadsides and ephemera-is included in collections around the country and abroad. Collaborations are an important part of her work, either printing for other artists or teaching students traditional letterpress printing, typography and book arts. She has an MFA from Columbia College Chicago Centre for Book & Paper.