I dwell in possibility - by Dawn Peterson -LIBRARIAN'S CHOICE AWARD! -Sold Out

I made this book because I was interested in the pop up concept plus using unusual materials. Moving laser cut wood was the result. After researching movable books and mechanics I came across an iris mechanism. With the movement of the lever layers are exposed and the final layer illustrates a poem by Emily Dickinson. I dwell in possibility - She is a poet with infinite possibilities not confined by the structure of a house. Like the doors and windows that can open; the house opens to nature the sky with infinite possibilities. The reader/visitor can open and close the iris revealing and reading her poem. It is a metaphor about the freedom of movement; moving in and out of the windows and doors into the garden and the sky. The reader/artist can also discover their own interpretation and creativity in her poem; the influence of imagination. Creative freedom and breaking from life's routines can simply be achieved by moving a lever and reading a poem.

Artist Bio

Dawn loves books! Especially making them. Working with various materials and textures interests her whether the books are unique or altered. She especially likes to combine traditional techniques/structures/materials with technology such as laser cutting and 3d printing. Her work has been published in 500 Handmade Books and various magazines. Her work is in various public and private collections such a college and university libraries as well as companies and individuals. She is a professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she teaches design elements and principles to students using book formats and structures. She is a member of the College Book Arts Association.