Horizon by Paula Jull

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In 2010 I traveled to the Tibetan Autonomous Region in Western China. My experiences were life changing, including an audience with a living Buddha in a remote monastery. In Kanding, I was invited to enjoy the monks practicing a dance ceremony for Guanyin, the Buddhist goddess of mercy. It was a delightful and moving expression of their spirit. I have placed the images I recorded of the monks dancing, against my watercolor horizon. The text is from the Heart Sutra, Prajna Paramita ("wisdom that leads to the other shore") Hridaya, which says, "Form is precisely emptiness". As the monks dance, the line between earth and sky disappears. Below the monks' feet, the sutra says, "Not sensation nor perception, all that exists is change, spaceless space."

Artist Bio

Currently a Professor at Idaho State University, Paula Jull teaches graphic design, book arts, and photography. She is a founder of the Pocatello Book Arts Group and is currently the Art Director of the Guild of Bookworkers Journal. Paula Jull earned an MFA in printmaking at Indiana University's School of Fine Arts. She has exhibited in scores of regional and national exhibits. Her work is in private and public collections, including, Special Collections of: Virginia Commonwealth University, Otis College of Art, University of Santa Barbara and University of Utah. Her books are also featured in "500 Handmade Books", its second edition,"500 Handmade Books 2" and "Handmade Books, Studio Series" published by Lark Crafts.