Homage to the Sex Pistols by Joan Iversen Goswell -SOLD!

I guess I am basically a rock 'n roll person. I love the energy of it. When disco was the rage, it was a very depressing time for me as far as music went. It was repetitive and boring! It had not an ounce of drive or energy. Then, along came punk rock and the Sex Pistols. They literally, as well as other punkers, saved true rock with all it's energy! Disco is long gone and rock 'n roll is here to stay!

Artist Bio

Joan Iversen Goswell is a book artist specializing in one-of-a-kind books printed and illustrated almost entirely with handcut eraser stamps. She also incorporates materials such as paper pulp painting, wire, metal, found objects, digital printing, collage...whatever the book requires. Her books are all bound by hand. She is best known for her satirical works on political and societal issues. She often writes her own texts. She has shown nationally and internationally and her books are included in several important collections including the Sackner Archives, The Arthur Jaffe Collection and the Yves Klein Archives.