Hidden Attachments by Stephanie Wolff

Hidden Attachments is a timeline of the small important devices that hold our world together—often overlooked or unseen, but without them, things would fall apart. Many of these attachments have been in use for so long it is impossible to date or locate their invention. The timeline is an approximation and largely western-centric due to sources consulted, such as patent records and English language texts. The representative samples stand in for the concept, rather than being a literal exemplar, especially for attachments from centuries ago.

Artist Bio

Stephanie Wolff is an artist who works with paper, text, textile and the book form, often on themes of weather, science, history and rural life. Her work has been exhibited in the U.S. and Germany and is in many collections, public and private. She has been awarded a creative research fellowship from the American Antiquarian Society and was Artist-in-Residence at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts. As a longtime teacher of book arts, Stephanie enjoys sharing her knowledge from many years in bookbinding, conservation, and fine arts. www.stephaniewolffstudio.com @stephaniewolffstudio