Hidden and Revealed by Cathy DeForest

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Beloved poet, William Stafford, is being celebrated throughout the US during 2014. In honor of his Centennial celebrations, Derek Pyle and I created two letterpress artist books of Stafford's previously unpublished aphorisms. The source for the aphorisms are from, The Sound of the Ax: Aphorisms and Poems by William Stafford, edited by Vincent Wixon and Paul Merchant, published by University of Pittsburgh Press in 2014. Both letterpress books invite the reader to interact with Stafford's poignant words. Hidden and Revealed: Centennial Celebration of William Stafford's Aphorisms is a letterpress printed artist book that invites the reader to discover aphorisms hidden within a series of four envelopes. Each hidden aphorism gains meaning as the reader pulls each piece out of a separate envelope, cleverly juxtaposed with the aphorism: "For now, here are the rules: Be someone. Be here." Click here to find the second Stafford aphorism book titled Portrait.

Artist Bio

Cathy DeForest is a Northwest book artist who integrates printmaking, photography, and mixed media into her artist books and letterpress broadsides. Cathy has been teaching and mentoring in one form or another since 1968. She has sold over 3,000 letterpress broadsides of her work and her artist books have been exhibited and collected internationally. Highlights of her past 20 years as a book artist include: founding two galleries, teaching in Italy and creating Poets On the Loose. Cathy welcomes visitors to her letterpress and book arts studio, Jubilation Press, in Ashland, Oregon. Through her multi-layered works, she seeks to evoke the depth and mystery of the human experience.