HereSay by Casey Gardner & Nance O'Banion

This collaboration between artists Casey Gardner and Nance O’Banion began with a game made from a list they compiled of vividly suggestive words. When they met, they would randomly select a word to become the inspiration for a work of art. HereSay is a work from this collaborative game of chance and exploration. This is a book for lovers of language and meaning and those who enjoy playing with words in space. A letterpress printed book featuring the diverse, interrelated readings of axiomatic volvelles, biaxial cartography & randomography.* This flexible notion of a book with its movable devices, graphical calculations, and swirling windows of chance offers self-propelled encounters with the variables of communication through language and interpretation. HereSay is about how we speak, how we hear, and how we locate ourselves along the dimensions of truth and lie. *Randomography is a made-up word

Artist Bio

Casey Gardner began her career in the ski racing world of the Colorado Rockies. After graduating from CU Boulder with a degree in journalism, she worked in newspaper and magazine publishing before enrolling in art school. She has a BFA in printmaking and graphic design from California College of the Arts. At CCA, she studied book art with Betsy Davids. She lives in Berkeley, CA, making books and working as a graphic designer with Oona Kumataka at C+O Design.