Hedge Ghosts by Amy Holmes George

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Hedge Ghosts presents a collection of poems by Rachel Jennings accompanied by a series of photographic images by Amy Holmes George. Together the prints and poetry offer a harmonious visual collaboration between image and word. The poems travel from Tennessee to Texas and conjure a place and time with a haunting sensibility, while the photographs illuminate the inner struggles of a woman and embrace the fragility of oneself and the body. In this book the reader will encounter a vision of a restless presence remembering itself, both a recollection and a ghost of the past. Production was managed by Charles Jones, printmaker and director of LaNana Creek Press at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Hedge Ghosts was printed in a limited edition of one hundred with fifty copies bound in 2001. The volume contains eight poems with ten images. The photographs were generated from the original film negatives and output as archival pigment prints.

Artist Bio

Amy Holmes George is a fine art photographer and educator residing near Dallas, Texas. She currently teaches photography at the University of North Texas and is a former tenured professor of photography and digital media from Stephen F. Austin State University. Amy is on the Board of the Texas Photographic Society and has served as Chair and Treasurer on the South Central Regional Board of the Society for Photographic Education. She holds an MFA in photography from Clemson University and a BFA cum laude in photography and graphic design from Miami University.