He Wears A Feather by Erin Mickelson

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Whole, halved, and halved again: I am the last generation with a high enough blood quantum for tribal membership in my family line. My son's blood quantum, half my own, is too little for membership. In just four generations, an entire cultural identity has disappeared. Despite the blood quantum laws, I want my son to feel connected to this part of his family. My fair complexion (along with not having grown up on the reservation) has made me feel somewhat alienated from my Native heritage, despite my mother's deep involvement and dedication to the culture. I often feel like my own blood isn't "enough," and at the same time, I owe so much to my tribe. Since language is such a strong component of cultural identity, and the Oneida language is in danger of dying out, I believe the best way to connect with my Native culture and to share it with my son is through working with the language. In this work, I've used text and an audio recording from the WPA Oneida Language Revitalization Program.

Artist Bio

Erin Mickelson's work includes bookbinding, unique & edition letterpress printing, book layout & design, and artist books. She earned her BFA with a concentration in book arts at Oregon College of Art & Craft, and she holds a degree in graphic design as well. She includes both traditional processes and new media in her work, which is held in various private and public collections, including Baylor University, Minneapolis College of Art & Design, and the Spencer Research Library.