Hansel & Gretel by Virginia Flynn and Joe Freedman *LIBRARIAN'S CHOICE AWARD!

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A dark tale brought to life in five laser cut panels. You can read it as a book or project the artwork onto a wall with a flashlight. Joe Freedman tells us, “I was drawn to the Hansel & Gretel fairy tale because there are so many official versions of the story. The original fairy tale was so bleak that the Brothers Grimm felt the need to lighten it up. Over the years they changed it seven times. It was originally a story created by the depths of famine where parents were forced to kill their children...not exactly a lighthearted romp through the woods! We all know different versions of the story. I wanted the book to include the main touch points but be flexible enough so the reader could adapt it for any audience. Congratulations Joe Freedman and Virginia Flynn! LIBRARIAN’S CHOICE AWARD winners for FEAST.

Artist Bio

Virginia Flynn was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island.  My parents had envisioned a future in business for me but my heart envisioned a future in art.  My love affair with the stark simplicity of black and white probably originated with the attire of my early education teachers: nuns.  Their black and white habit was a stunning visual, especially when they stormed down the aisle, their veil and the skirts swishing, to take some kind of action in the back of the room.  The sheer beauty of black and white was imprinted on my artistic soul. Over the years I have studied art in different forms and mediums.  Graphic design at RISD, painting in Connecticut at the New Haven College of Arts & Crafts, and printmaking in Oregon at Marylhurst University. Printmaking in general, and linocuts in particular, brought me back to my affinity for black and white.  On my own, and without a press, I turned to cutting black paper and mounting it on a white background to achieve the stark, crisp look that I love. My accomplishments include illustrations in publications, newspapers, literary magazines, cd cover art, brochures and corporate identity signage.  My work has been shown at Maryhill Museum, L&B Gallery, Oswego Lake Gallery and the American Institute of Architects Gallery.  In 2005 the publication Women in the Arts listed me as a "woman to watch" in the Pacific Northwest Arts. Joe Freedman started his career as a letterpress printer and book designer. His limited editions of Amy Clampitt's poetry have been purchased by numerous universities and private collectors. They feature handmade pulp paper paintings and beautiful letterpress typography. He has also designed hundreds of trade books and museum catalogs.