Hall of Dancers - Angkor Wat by Paula Jull

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My travel experiences in the cultures of Asia often find their way into my work. Hall of Dancers - Angkor Wat is a response to the immense and stunningly beautiful complex of temples at Angkor Wat Archeological Park in Cambodia. A recurring theme for centuries of building and decorating was that of the apsaras, or heavenly dancers. The ancient Khmer culture conducted their religious traditions in these temples, with the apsaras attending as sacred performers, both in real life and in relief. Why were these gentle creatures so valued in a warring culture? How do they translate now as remnants of that time? I ask myself these questions as I ponder the future of any warring nation. Continually embroiled in territorial conquest and an empire that was hard to control, the people grew restless. With the kingdom weakened, the jungle covered the temples and monuments of the Khmer culture. The dancers remain in silent witness. The photographs and text are mine. Kyle's structure fits it well.

Artist Bio

Paula Jull received her MFA in printmaking from Indiana University. Her work has been shown in numerous regional and national exhibits, and is in private and public collections. Her books are also featured in 500 Handmade Books, its second edition, 500 Handmade Books 2 and Handmade Books, Studio Series published by Lark Crafts. Currently a Professor at Idaho State University, Paula teaches book design, letterpress, graphic design and photography. She is a founder of Pinyon Jay Press at ISU and is currently Art Director of the Journal of the Guild of Bookworkers. She has attended the Paper and Book Intensive numerous times, where she was influenced by Hedi Kyles innovation, adapting her floating panels structure in Hall of Dancers, Angkor Wat. This variation on an accordion utilizes moving panels to mimic the subtle movements of the Apsaras depicted on ruins at Angkor Wat.