Guzmania by Paul Johnson - SOLD

This pop-up model is inspired by classical Japanese furniture and the woodblock prints by masters of the genre, Hiroshige and Hokusai. The images are derived from the secluded garden that backs the artist’s studio. With a flick of the wrist this flat form becomes an exciting 3D model. It will enhance your home environment, or in its flat, almost weightless state, is an original and unusual gift to mail to a friend.

Artist Bio

Paul Johnson’s unique pop-up books are in the Library of Congress, Washington DC, the V&A Museum in London, and most major university library collections in the US. He was awarded first prize and the Portnall award in the 2013 Society of Bookbinders International Bookbinding Competition. In 2017 a film about him was shown on BBC TV and the same year he was runner up in the Bodleian Library competition: Redesigning the Medieval Book. In 2018 the Johns Hopkins University acquired the Paul Johnson archive comprising over five hundred items of his artwork (including 250 pop-ups) spanning half a century. In 2019 he was shortlisted for the Movable Book Society’s Megendorffer Prize and in the same year he won the Excellence in Craftsmanship award of the Society of Bookbinders International Bookbinding Competition. He lives in Manchester, England.