Grids, Lines, Blocks: Basics Tools to Build Linear Habitats by Marilyn Stablein

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When architects, builders, artists and sculptors begin a project their delineated plans or blueprints begin with drawings on graph paper with grid lines. Grids, Lines, Blocks explores some of the tools used. Four components housed in a box-shaped collaged sculpture include A Graph Sampler with a dozen samples of vintage graph papers that evoke an old stationer's shop; A Writer's Book of Graphs which plays on literary terms with the word graph (Greek, to write) e.g. autograph, paragraph, all written on a seismographic scroll which tracks earthquakes, common in the NW Cascadia bio-region where I live; A Block Book, a six-sided hexahedron cube with stories about blocks, and lastly six wooden collaged blocks to evoke an element of play to invite the reader to stack and arrange the blocks.

Artist Bio

Cultural artifacts, found objects, shamanic tools, ritual objects and ecological specimens are found in Marilyn's books. Her visual work transforms and celebrates everyday objects and ephemera including personal archival material. A number of books have narrative elements that explore the poetics of personal history including a six year Himalayan residency to learn Tibetan calligraphy and book arts. Written and visual works often focus on themes related to the Northwest Cascadian bioregion where she lives e.g. water, ice, and earthquakes. She exhibits in universities, museums, libraries and galleries including the University of San Diego, University of Nebraska, Pyramid Arts Center, Rhode Island School of Design and Delaware Center for Contemporary Art. Her work appears online in The Bone Folder and is in public and private collections. A monograph Bind, Alter, Fold: Artists Books (Book Arts Editions) was featured on the cover of Bound & Lettered magazine.