Grandma Pansy’s Quantum Sampler by Elsi Vassdal Ellis - SOLD!


Quantum theory has been newsworthy this summer with (inconclusive) “proof of life” of the Higgs boson, sometimes referred to as the “God particle.” In August 2012, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN hurled two protons in opposite directions, forcing them to collide. The results of the experiment suggested the existence of the Higgs boson because the debris produced was predicted by the math. This science is not for sissies. The language is higher mathematics. Invisible subatomic matter the personalities. You might say that as a science it has philosophical or even religious overtones. My quest was to understand and then explain some aspects of the quantum world. I chose to use matter that most people would feel comfortable with while trying to explain some aspects of quantum theory and mechanics. Historical and original quilt blocks were designed and sewn to illustrate selected difficult to visualize ideas. Minimal text supplements the blocks.