Global Nomads by Patty Bruce

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Global Nomads are a new phenomenon for this millennium. They are working professionals, sons and daughters, and students of life who long to discover the world around them. They plant and live where opportunities take them, rooting deep into cultures different than their forefathers and familiar homelands. They are part of a multiple social system bringing and taking wherever they go. They are master adapters, societal sponges and colorful chameleons helping to change the fabric of this modern world. This book is a sculptural structure, attached to an old globe stand and simply scripted on vintage maps. An expression of the new beginnings of modern day social pioneers. We no longer discover new places to live but these nomads are finding new ways to live in old landscapes. Hopefully, we all will benefit and learn that this is a complex world with different values and we need to respect people with alternative viewpoints different than our own. Global Nomads hopes to bring this to light.

Artist Bio

Patty Bruce has spent more then a decade passionate about the book arts. She brings a history of traditional arts blended with graphic design to express herself in her work. The book has become an ultimate form of creative expression even in non-traditional methods. She has exhibited domestic and internationally and held in public and private collections.