Glacial Flow by Ann Mansolino

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During an artist residency in Alaska, I had the opportunity to explore a glacier, to walk on it day after day, observing it closely, and to read and learn about glacial geology. The result of those experiences is this glacier-shaped book that unfolds into the form of a snow-covered mountain receding into the distance. The book uses glacial flow and glacial recession as metaphors for understanding the unseen internal metamorphoses, repetitions, and losses in our lives, and for coming to terms with deep personal change. It presents ideas of geology and the self and intertwined, mirrored, and inextricably linked, suggesting that by learning to see and understand the land we inhabit, we can better come to know ourselves.

Artist Bio

Ann Mansolino is a visual artist and writer whose work explores the relationship between the internal self and external ideas of place through photography, writing, and handmade books. She is interested in the ways in which landscape can help us understand ourselves – as metaphors for our internal experience, as well as expressions of our more literal relationship to nature and the larger world we inhabit. Ann’s photographic and book arts work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Canada, Guatemala, Slovenia, England, Northern Ireland, Japan, and Singapore. Ann currently lives in Blairmore, Alberta, Canada.