GIRLS by Cathy DeForest

$275.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
I created GIRLS: An Alphabet Book Inspired by Daughters to portray the unique essence of girls. When I watch girls playing make-believe, swinging on swings, or telling tales to furry friends, I see the special ways girls express themselves. To convey that individuality, I bound each book with a unique cover distinct from the other books in the edition, made from repurposed clothing for girls. A one of a kind doll accompanies each book and fits into the pocket featured on the cover. I chose to feature activities that are available to girls regardless of economics, cultural backgrounds or access to technology. I wanted to elevate imagination and play as rich keys to childhood. This artist book is intended for children of all ages. I invite everyone to romp through the colorful alphabet letters, images and text and to delight in the joy and creativity of girls. A-Adorning alphabets, with awesome alliterations, B-Bashful book lovers, bubbling beauty, C-Capably choreographing cartwheels. You can see Cathy's first book in this series, BOYS, here.

Artist Bio

Cathy DeForest, founder of Jubilation Press, is a Northwest book artist whose work is inspired by found objects and poetry. She combines printmaking and photography to create intimate offerings of beauty and invitations to discovery. Highlights of her past 20 years as a book artist include: founding two galleries, teaching in Italy, and creating Poets On the Loose. Her books have been exhibited internationally and are in various collections including: San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts Museum, Oakland Museum, Museo Etnohistorico de Artesanias del Ecuador, Brown University, Yale University, UCLA, the Library of Congress, and the New York Public Library. Cathy has a PhD in organization development and consults with arts organizations in strategic planning, including the San Francisco Center for the Book.