Fun with Herr Hitler by Lynn Skordal -SOLD!

Fun With Herr Hitler is a unique altered book. The original book (a 1998 copy of Masters of Ceremony by Ray and Josephine Cowdery) is a collection of b&w photographs of Nazi mass celebrations that occurred in Nuremberg in 1938 and at Hitler’s 50th birthday celebration in Berlin in 1939. The photo pages (a preening Adolph Hitler, strutting stormtroopers, and a disturbingly-enthralled German public) have been modified with spray-painted stencils and collaged silhouettes in the style of children’s book illustrations. As the cover of the book proclaims, “No, it’s not funny.” But, it happened and we must never forget. In these troubled times, this artist believes that humor offers a particularly powerful way to remind us of the horrors of blood purity, the big lie, and other cornerstones of Nazi ideology. "Wit and playfulness represent a desperately serious transcendence of evil." (quote by Tom Robbins, American absurdist and novelist, appearing on page 1)

Artist Bio

Lynn lives and works in the tiny town of La Conner in the far Northwest corner of the US. After retiring from the practice of law ten years ago, she began making artist’s books and small works on paper. Old-style cut & paste collage has been and remains a favorite medium, and she frequently also incorporates sewing techniques, thread, fabric, metal, wood and other materials into her pieces. The goal is always to tell a story that might startle, amuse or provoke. Lynn's work has appeared in book arts and collage exhibitions across the country, in books and magazines, and is included in many public and private collections across the country.