From Far Away by Mónica Goldstein


In this book I worked with three basic ideas: the support, the attraction that stones have over me, and Olga Orozco poems. I took the subtle-colored stones from a beach near the Golden Gate Bridge. As part of the book, I included black and white photos of stones. The photos of stones are black and white to illustrate the distance between the object and its representation. I looked for Olga Orozco poems verses in which the word stone or a synonym appears and then matched photos from my archive with the verse’s meaning. The verses are printed on vellum paper; words don’t have the same density than stones. Since the stones came from San Francisco Bay and I live in Buenos Aires, the name of Olga Orozco’s book “From Far Away”, seemed appropriate.

Artist Bio

Mónica Goldstein is an Argentinian artist who, in the late 1980’s began producing artists’ books. Most of them are unique but she has also published small editions. She has worked in a variety of formats, book art objects, scrolls, altered books, among others. Her work has been exhibited throughout Argentina, USA, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Israel and is held in several collections including Moma Franklin Furnace Artist’s Book Collection, New York; Stanford University, Green Library, California; University of Washington Libraries, Washington, USA; Archivio Libri d'Artista, Italy; King St. Stephen Museum, Hungary; Bank Street Arts, Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize, U.K. Spain National Library; Artist’s Book Museum, Argentine.