Forgotten no. 1 by Cindy Steiler -SOLD!

Forgotten no. 1 is an accordion book of embroidered 19th century cabinet card photographs from one family's album. Their bodies and clothing have been hand-embroidered using threads made from both natural fibers and metal. The women's skirts are crocheted. This work is in reaction to a lack of interest shown by many in family heritage and ancestry often resulting in family photos being thrown away.

Artist Bio

Cindy Steiler draws with thread. It is a slow and meditative way to express herself. It is very tactile. Embroidery has a long history, and placing herself into that continuum gives Steiler a feeling of comfort. Making art gives her a voice to communicate thoughts that can't be put into words: the complexity of love and relationships, death and dying, disappearing. It allows her to tell her story. Steiler currently resides in Gainesville, FL. She exhibits her mixed media art and books in the US and Europe as well as numerous publications.