Font by M. L. Van Nice -SOLD!

I am interested in our tendency to use comestible metaphors in describing learning, and Font is one such trope. Much as we “consume” books; so also we drink, sip, swig and quaff from the font, the fount, the cup of knowledge. These familiar and comfortable allusions seem to me to be oddly similar to the huntsman who honors and emulates his dead catch by eating its heart. We devour what we would choose to know and hence be.

Artist Bio

M. L. Van Nice began her professional life as an installation artist in Washington, D.C. As she came to realize how difficult it was in those years--the early 80's--to find venues for installation work, she became interested in artists' books as miniature installations. That impulse still informs the work today. There are few limits to the artist's book--not in content, media, style. It can be two or three dimensional; it can tell a story or not; it can make a point or not. This expansiveness is part of the abiding attraction of artists' books. Van Nice has books in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution, The National Museum of Women in the Arts, and the Houghton Library at Harvard University.