Foetus Envy by Maureen Cummins


Foetus Envy is a grim and satirical look at the relationship between the present state of reproductive rights in this country and the history of eugenics and enforced pregnancy. An imagined mental illness, “Foetus Envy" turns otherwise cheerful, angelic, and biologically fit wives into “Resistant Mothers,” women who do not wish to procreate and stubbornly refuse to accept the naturally superior powers, privileges, and legal protections of their unborn offspring.

Artist Bio

Maureen Cummins is a native New Yorker who has cranked presses from California to the Eastern Arctic and produced over 40 limited edition book projects. Her “re-created” books are based on subject matter as diverse as slave narratives, turn of the century gay love letters, and first-person accounts by war refugees. She is represented in over one hundred permanent public collections and lives in Woodstock, NY.