Fly with Me, Love by Adele Crawford

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Fly with Me is one in a series of five Game Boxes. With this series I was playing with materials and my personal history surrounding the church. I used family photos and a book entitled Cabinet of Modern Art, published in 1851, filled with sonnets, short stories and Victorian sentiments. I am fascinated and intrigued by Victorian conventions; encouraging speaking from the heart but never more than was proper - the backbone of my heritage.

Artist Bio

Adele is a passionate collector and interpreter of ephemera, attracted to the photograph and all memorabilia especially with a patina. Wanting to honor societies throwaways she often rescues abandoned photographs from estate sales and family photo albums. Neatly compressed into the paper of a simple photo or object she sees a story and the power of evocation. She approaches these discoveries as interpretations of real moments, whether it is a Victorian photo album, her grandmother’s button collection or an empty box. She activates stories through her process of dissection/alteration/reconfiguration. As a reconstructive caretaker, she manipulates these images into new fabricated histories. The reinvention from old to new – motivates her work, questioning concepts of society and self. Through exploration and as a response to her accumulation she layers disparate histories together in order to set new ones in motion.